The Slovak ombudswoman, Jana Dubcova, has had her complaint to the Constitutional Court concerning the rights of foreigners thrown out of court this week, on grounds that she is not authorised to lodge the complaint. Dubcova complained about a practice anchored in Slovak law that allows the authorities to reject or throw out a foreigner merely based on a subjectively evaluated ‘threat to security’, with no right for the foreigner even to look at the case file incriminating them. The Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday to reject the petition of the ombudswoman concerning the lack of compliance between the revised Act on Foreigners and constitutional law, with the law going against the guidelines laid down by European Convention on Human Rights. According to Dubcova, the Slovak law could discriminate against foreigners requesting residence here in future, meaning they are not given equal treatment. The revision of the Act on Foreigners means the so-called Alien Police Department can refuse a foreigner's request to stay in Slovakia as they represent a ‘security threat’ without the need for them to state why Reported by The daily Newspaper. Related Constitution of the Slovak Republic


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