Africa Day 2018


On 26th May 2018, the 2018 Africa Day celebrations were held in Bratislava, organized by the AKIIC (African Cultural, Information and Integration Center) The aim of the event was to celebrate this day with the African community and their family in Slovakia, to get to know each other and at the same time to bring the diversity and beauty of African continent to the wider public. Africa Day 2018 happened in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where visitors, through diffrent sessions got to know each other and shared their experiences among. The venue gave a perfect enviroment that potrayed to the family nature of the event, which was the main idea of the organizers; to have one family and celebrate this day, regardless of national / ethnicity or belief. The event culminated in a pleasant dining session and friendly conversations. Visitors could enjoy selected dishes from East and West Africa PS: If you are interested in some recipes, or have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us We thank all that you who came to celebrate with us and we are already looking forward to another meeting ... We thank Mareena for providing the space. AKIIC TEAM


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