Welcome to the African Cultural, Information and Integration Center (AKIIC) website. The site should be able to assist you find information and reach to the following groups of people: ● African Immigrants living In Slovakia and their Integration process. ● Information for potential Slovak Investors looking for investment opportunities in Africa ● Informations for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) seekers from Slovakia and Africa ● Touristic Information for travelers to Africa as Tourists, Work related or Volunteer We provide lectures about Africa and life of African immigrants in Slovakia with the following themes: 1. African Historical overview 2. African People 3. African arts and crafts 4. African Folklore and religion 5. African traditional Clothing 6. African Cuisines 7. African music 8. African Languages Get more Information about African Events like seminars, African Cultural events and much more organized here in Slovakia. Do you want to learn any Major African Language or need translation? contact us for more Information. Advertise with us to reach the following groups of people: ● African immigrants and their families ● Potential Slovak Investors ● Potential Slovak travelers to Africa ● Potential African investors


Africké Kultúrne, Informačné a Integračne Centrum

Ružinovská 1,

821 02 Bratislava

Tel:  +421 (0) 904 254 939

Email: info@akiic.sk


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