Pre-Christmas Football Tournament (Winter Edition) African Cultural, Information and Integration Center (AKIIC) organized pre-Christmas football tournament (winter edition) in Mlynská dolina in Bratislava. The tournament started at 10:00 and lasted until 16:00. The tournament was attended by a total of 7 teams: 3 of which consisted of a mixture of players from the African countries and Slovakia, two teams from Arab-speaking countries, one consisting of players from the Balkan countries and one having Latin America players. AKIIC Director Sancho Njambi gave the welcoming and opening speech. The whole tournament was done in the spirit of fair play and to create opportunity for the migrants in Slovakia to interact with their Slovak majority community, hence deepening tolerance and contribute to the integration process of migrants into their Slovak environment. The atmosphere was very friendly throughout the tournament, obviously we didn’t lack moments full of emotions and anxiety, especially during the semi-final and final matches. The tournament was eventually won by The Phenomenal; a team consisting of players from the Arabic speaking countries. We would like to thank all the participants and the members of the non-profit organization AKIIC for making the event successful and also their support. AKIIC is will organize the summer edition of the tournament next year 2018. So see you all soon. Your AKIIC Team



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