Posted by Moses Sanchez On October 20, 2013 On Sunday, the 20th of October, both immigrants and locals met in Bratislava, Mlada garda sports center for a football tournament. The reason for this exciting event was the launch of Show Racism a Red Card, a program organized to combat racism and bring an end to prejudices of all kinds. Ing. Pavol Frešo who is the head of the Bratislava Region, and Member of Parliament inaugurated the event. A total of 12 teams took part in the event comprising of both the immigrants and the local players signaling the importance of tolerance and respect for diversity. "I would like to commend the organizers and participants who are here today. This should send a signal to the public about what we think about racism especially among the teenagers, and the youngsters to see that racism is something that must be rejected not only in schools but also in the society” said Mr Freso The first and second place went to teams from Bratislava small football league (BLMF) and the third place was bravely fought for by the Lions United FC comprising of the African, Slovak and European students.

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